Welcome to my blog. Here I will be posting blogs for my class Doing Digital History and my life. I am a programmer that loves history and sports. Kind of a jack of all traits.

Why me?

I am tech support specialist as I have 4 years of experience helping professors, faculty, students and alumni of Concordia with all their technology issues. I have more if you include helping my parents since I was 10. I love what I do though. Helping people and getting the satisfaction of fixing an issue is something that I love. I also enjoy programming as that is my major at Concordia College Moorhead.

Links to my resources

Some of my programs I’ve made – this is my GitHub profile. Some of the projects are open and some are private. The private ones are ones that I plan on continuing development for potential business ideas. And some have information that shouldn’t be released, like keys and such.

Here is my professions portfolio – this is my LinkedIn profile. This has what I am experienced in and also some personal achievements.